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I have found my perfect Chinese restaurant in Palma. Admittedly, it's not within the requested 8 minute walk radius from my gaff, but still close; 25 minutes. And anyway, who cares when it's so, so worth it? 

Fried-eggs-with-tomatoes The Perfect Chinese Restaurant -

I road tested it the other day on possibly the most connoisseury food connoisseur I know, Ellen. She has been with me through thick and thin in China, travelling on all conceivable types of transport and, like the Chinese themselves, eating everything with legs except the table. 

Ellen with noodles and pork bun Kung Fu restaurant

Here she is smiling at food in the Kung Fu Restaurant in Santa Catalina. And there is much at which to smile: We're eating Chinese food together again for the first time in six years, the food is superb, up to normal Chinese standard in fact, and they even have (some) dim sum!

Panfried-dumplings The Perfect Chinese Restaurant -

And real tea! And best of all, as I discovered yesterday on my 4th visit: 

Noodles-Ellen-hand The Perfect Chinese Restaurant -

THE WAITRESS SPEAKS CANTONESE!!!! In fact she IS Cantonese, from Guangdong province itself, the cradle of Cantonese from which the tirelessly working Chinese Government has now managed more or less to eradicate Cantonese among the younger generation. Well done, chaps. It was a long hard slog but you succeeded. 


Without a doubt, more about Kung Fu soon. Very soon. 


Kung Fu Chinese Restaurant

C/Av. Argentina 23B

Tel: 971 45 20 60