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Painting-3 Cantonese students, Spanish Art and Cantonese -
Poncy dancer with fancy master
A couple of weeks ago, I talked about how I came to discover and love the Spanish painter Sorolla after a lifetime of not having heard about him, but the story didn't end there. For by an amazing coincidence, my brand new Cantonese student Charlotte in London also loves Sorolla and the other Spanish masters, and during an online lesson she bemoaned (in Cantonese, for she is good) how she had missed an exhibition of these painters last year.

Goya Cantonese students, Spanish Art and Cantonese -

Well! Although I live in exile in sleepy backwater Palma de Mallorca, I knew more than this metropolitan girl about her hometown London, for bugger me if I couldn't casually mention that there was an exhibition in that very town called Spain and the Hispanic World! An exhibition I had wanted to go to ever since the Art Society of Mallorca had opened my eyes to this Master of Light (by yet another amazing coincidence, the same moniker as that of another of my favourites (i.e. painters of whom I have heard) Johannes Vermeer).

Charlotte in her infinite kindness bought me a ticket to the exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts. That was too, too kind; embarrassing in fact, because she is also paying for lessons. 

Crash_Course_Canto_BAR_1 Cantonese students, Spanish Art and Cantonese -

As we groped our way through the badly lit rooms, we realised there would be few Spanish Masters, of Light or anything else, because the exhibition turned out to be all the treasures (shards, things, tools, icons) an American geezer called Archer M. Huntington (1870-1955) had amassed in his obsession with things Hispanic. 

When we finally came to the paintings, it became apparent that Sorolla was the one everyone had come to see, and we had to elbow our way through throngs. It was worth it to see the master lightmaker at work, if only in two pictures. 

Painting-2 Cantonese students, Spanish Art and Cantonese -

In the world of photography (advertising) it is well known that people like to look at people, and that's probably why someone like Sorolla draws the eye so much more than for example a hinge or a horseshoe. However, I did spend some time in front of this: 

Painting-1 Cantonese students, Spanish Art and Cantonese -

Whose title and author I have forgotten. It was just well executed and looked like a good photo, and reminded me of Spain and how I bloody live there but have hardly seen anything of the country yet but I will. 

But how about Cantonese, you ask? Yes, it's possible to be on a journey in for example Spain and still make Cantonese a world language, one victim at a time, online. Then the joy is even greater when I get to meet them in real life. Thank you so much for the joy, Charlotte! 

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