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New rag on the block in the cut-throat world of Mallorcan English language publications 

Edited_matal new-magazine-in-mallorca | blog - Cecilie's

Woo hooo! Celebrations, jubilations! Asians! Everything that ends in -ons and -ans! MallorCA'N RelishMallorCA'N Relish, the brainchild of affable Leeds man let's call him J. Le Fetlet's call him J. Le Fet, has finally emerged from the primal soup and crawled up on dry land, blinking in the unexpected sunlight. 

Ellen_and_Lasi_small new-magazine-in-mallorca | blog - Cecilie's

In the first edition you can read articles about the most happening barrio in Palma, El Terreno, the most happening barrio in Palma, El Terreno, how to banish the Covid blues through talking to a transformation coach, transformation coach, where to go for a Staycation in a Mallorca where most hotels are closedStaycation in a Mallorca where most hotels are closed, (hint, one of them will allow you to catch the sunrise in Valldemossa, below)

Valldemossa_at_sunrise_small new-magazine-in-mallorca | blog - Cecilie's

You will see where you can get an almost proper yam cha in Palma proper yam cha in Palma as well as how possibly the two most famous women connected to Mallorca, George Sand and Santa CatalinaGeorge Sand and Santa Catalina, lived only a few metres apart. 

Most of all, you will see the weirdest bodega in Mallorca, possibly the world, with, again possibly, the only Spanish wine with a Bengali namethe only Spanish wine with a Bengali name. As well as lots and lots of stuff about places, cycling, scoffing down food, deliveries, services ...

In short! MallorCA'N* Relish is well and truly laaaaauuuuunched! Tonight I'll finally be celebrating before the much needed new restrictions set in. My guess: Stay home 24 hours a day while wearing a wetsuit and breathing through a straw. 

*CA'N means 'home of' in Mallorquin. 

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