IMG_5518 Sichuan Lunch Coming to a Terreno near You  -

Oh, the lotus root! Isn't it beautiful? 

Before I moved to Palma, one of my greatest fears was not to be able to buy this, the greatest of all tubers (?) in fact, the greatest of most vegetables, here. But fortunately the great Asia Supermarked in Pere Garau has fresh lotus roots, as well as proper Chinese spring onions and Cheng Dou ("Tsingtao") and dried chillies and Sichuan peppercorns and... well, everything. 

IMG_9253 Sichuan Lunch Coming to a Terreno near You  -

So now I'm going to "celebrate that by..." (when people want to sell you something, they often use the word 'celebrate' in the advertising copy. "Celebrate Summer buying a 400 euro bottle of brandy!") arranging a Sichuan Lunch on Sunday, July 22nd. 

Come to my gaff in El Terreno not a second before 2:30 pm, but 3pm is ideal, bringing nothing, as beer and wine are included. But if you don't drink any of these things, please give me a heads-up beforehand. 

Oh how fun it will be! Celebrate summer! Celebrate July! Celebrate the mighty Lotus Root, which will feature prominently at the lunch. 

IMG_2987-copy Sichuan Lunch Coming to a Terreno near You  -