I'm in heaven! Last week, after a LOT of waiting and filling in of the same form for customs in Madrid twice (people living on Mallorca can't just receive parcels in the post, no, the parcels are held at ransom in Madrid for months and you have to pay extra customs duty even when the parcels come from inside the Schengen zone) I finally got my Norwegian board games Passport and The Big Norwegian Game, both Trivial Pursuit-like. Thank you, good sister Beate who managed to track them down after having gone out of production in 2005! 


Potato-cake Feeling Bored? Try a Board Game! - PenAndWok.com

I immediately got to work and cooked up some snacks, two Sichuan potato cakes, salty and peppery soy beans and sweet potato crisps with a spicy dip. Then I invited a bunch of Swedes, in dire need of comfort after the devastating defeat by England on Saturday, poured the wine and waited. 

Passport-1 Feeling Bored? Try a Board Game! - PenAndWok.com

The Swedes had some problems reading out the questions and we all had problems identifying Oceanian countries like Kiribati (if it still exists - a lot has happened since 2005) but OH!!! So, so fun. 

Passport-2 Feeling Bored? Try a Board Game! - PenAndWok.com

Wanted: Three part-time flatmates who love board games.