Dim-sum-2 Here's to Cantonese! Yam!  - PenAndWok.comI admit it, I miss speaking Cantonese every day, but at least I have my students! 

When I first arrived on Mallorca in January, I never thought I'd be teaching Cantonese, but modern technology thought otherwise. Skype is now helping me carry out my life's mission: To make Cantonese a world language. The world, quite frankly, deserves it! 

But no one can make Cantonese a world language on an empty stomach, so first we must go to 飲茶 - yam cha - "drink tea". Which is all about eating. but also, a little, about tea! So this video is dedicated to my faithful students Ah-Mei (Deborah) Ah-Sai (Simon) Ah-Gong (Tom) Ah-Dak (Peter) Ah-Man (James) and Ah-Fu (Jakab), who are sensibly Learning Cantonese the Natural Way - From a Norwegian!