Church2 The Things We Find on Dog Walks -

One of the many great things about Palma is the many churches. I don't know what exactly this thing is called - road icon indicating that a church is near? Unfortunately this and many other of the lovely icons or paintings on display, including on the churches themselves, have had to be covered in metal mesh because of vandalism. Grrrrr. 

This particular church is about 15 minutes' walk from my house, and a place to which I frequently take the dogs. We now live in an urban environment, and unfortunately I can't let them off the leash everywhere because they are both traffic idiots who have been hit by cars, but outside the church it is safe. 

Church-1 The Things We Find on Dog Walks -

Sunday morning we were hanging around the church when an unusual sight caught my eye: A young man dressed only in a beard and some kind of underwear, I think it is known as Y-fronts, wandering through the courtyard, looking a bit lost. No shoes. Oh no, another victim of stag night "fun"! 

He immediately addressed me in Norwegian.

"Sorry to disturb, I'm looking for a hotel." 

"What hotel?"

"That's the thing, I don't really know." I bet! I thought. "It was Mari, Mal... rosa?"


"Yes! I've been walking in my sleep. It's very inconvenient." 

"So, this happens a lot?" 

"Oh yes, all the time." 

I walked him to the hotel, a few minutes' walk away. I wonder if he walks in his sleep in winter in Norway. That would be really inconvenient. Not least because his choice of underwear pattern. Cartoon characters with space ships, moons and stars?  Come on! Who would be seen dead in that, let alone walking around the city asleep?