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No social life, society pulling together - ish

Last night at 8 o'clock the whole neighbourhood erupted in cheers and applause, combined with a lot of boats hooting or honking or what they do, in gratitude to our health personell and how they put their lives on the line. Or maybe it was in gratitude to someone else last night? Whatever the reason, I joined in. It felt good. In fact, I feel I'm part of something now, for the first time since... Oh! Since I was on a road trip, or had dinner with someone, in what seems like another lifetime. Ah, restaurants! Wine! 

Corona-no-social-life corona-lockdown-day-4 | blog - Cecilie's

This morning I risked trekking over to Mercadona (a famous Mallorcan supermarket), very ostensibly carrying shopping bags to prove to marauding police that I was going out with a purpose, not just milling around to spread death. I saw some black-clad people down a side street. Was it a road block? Checking of ID? Meh - nothing like Tibet in 2004 when all foreigners were unwelcome, as we discovered when we tried to cross the country by hitch-hiking.  Still, I imagine this must bring back bad memories for many locals. 

In Mercadona it was business as usual; the staff were all wearing masks and gloves, but many customers weren't. The shelves were mostly well stacked and I managed to get three packets of frozen meat for my dog Koldbrann. As long as the supply lines stay open, this quarantine thing won't be too bad. Something good must come of it. Oh, I know! Now I can finally sort out my millions and millions of photos stored everywhere, and file them properly. 

Not in Dropbox though. They DELETED all my files last year. That's right, I bear grudges! Because I had paid Dropbox to store those files. 

koldbrann urns corona-lockdown-day-4 | blog - Cecilie's

Koldbrann in Hong Kong, resting among urns full of human bones. 





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