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Using the time wisely by elbowing in on a saturated market

Have you ever read Gone With the Wind? Or any novel about a war or warlike situation? These books are often about one type of person sitting around reminiscing about the past and how much better things were, dreaming about what they will do "when all this is over", while the other type, the Scarlett O'Haras of this world, go out there facing the enemy head-on without looking back, setting up profitable businesses in the bomb shelters during the Blitz, so to speak. 

Trinidad-cafe-Luis-and-customer corona-lockdown-day-5 | blog - Cecilie's

So now here we are, five days into this baffling situation, and people are already saying, "when all this is over..." - including me! But that is mostly to cheer people up. For this is not going to be over any time soon. Even without the virus the world economy will probably suffer for years to come, and nothing will ever be "the same." But then again, what has ever been the same? We (westerners my age and younger) are the luckiest generation that ever lived. It's been 70 years since a major upset. Before that, life was short, nasty and brutish for the majority of people. You want someone to invent a vaccine for Covid 19 which, if you get it, will probably feel like a normal flu? It's not that long ago that you couldn't even get an injection for extracting a tooth. If you had teeth at all. My grandparents' generation often had their teeth removed before they were 20 so they could be fitted with dentures. 

Anyway, the highlight of today (so far) was going to the post office. This is a good time to write letters, don't you think? Especially to old people, isolated at home. After a 20 minute wait I was allowed into the post office where only one of the two clerks was wearing a mask. But hey. I asked for sillas, which means chairs. But this clerk must have been of an unusual intelligence (which I complimented her on) because she understood that I meant sellos (stamps)! 

Picasso-Arts-Society-Waiter corona-lockdown-day-5 | blog - Cecilie's

Vowels, eh? 

But this brings me to the theme of today's Lockdown! Namely: How to use the time wisely. And yes, that means not only watch Downton Abbey and drink moonshine. 

It started a while ago but now I'm really ramping up my new project, namely writing a Spanish textbook in a market simply overflowing with Spanish textbooks. What the...? Why, that would be like writing a course in Mandarin (except I can actually say "stamps" in that language)! But my course is different in that most of the people in it are plonkers and make lots of mistakes, so the people taking the course, taught by my excellent friend H who is super fluent, can learn from other people's mistakes. 

Spanish_for_idiots_with_remark corona-lockdown-day-5 | blog - Cecilie's


You see, the course is a meta course, a course within a course, where the people in it are learning Spanish from a book called Spanish for Idiots. Because I didn't want to call my book that. And it's not for idiots, per se! Only for people who for some reason think they are bad at languages. But you know what? Nobody is bad at languages. If they were, they wouldn't be able to speak their mother tongue. 


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