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Risking life and limb for art 

Mallorca-photos-1-La-Rambla corona-lockdown-day-6 | blog - Cecilie's

First of all, let me mention that the photos in these posts have little if anything to do with the posts. They are just photos from the past, like, before Corona. If I go outside to take photos, I risk getting fined up to 1000 euros. Well, according to the new and even more draconian rules from the Spanish government at least. Are people really that unruly? Not in my neighbourhood they ain't. Here's the latest: 

One person per family may visit the local supermarket, chemist, tobacconist, petrol station. 

Dogs may be taken out to relieve themselves but not for walks!

Remember the fines for disobedience are high ranging from 300€ to 1000€ + or even prison will be contemplated.

"Taken out to relieve themselves but not for walks" indeed. I don't think they understand how dogs work. I really don't care for the word "disobedience" either.

How could this happen in only five short days? I risk being fined more than the gross domestic product of North Korea just for going outside? How is it even... legal? Sounds like certain officials could be longing for the days of a certain military dictator of not long ago. Anyway, when I do go outside, everything seems pretty normal. 

And no one can force me out of my Luddite-hood! So this morning I did a drop. Yes, a drop. A friend, let's call him or her IT, has many DVDs just like me. One would think IT had lived near paradise for fake DVDs and handbags Shenzhen just across the border from Hong Kong, but no. Still, we did an exchange of DVDs, because, busy as I am, I still need to relax with some moving faces and talking voices that aren't Breaking Bad or Friends. 

We saw each other at a pre-designated place and did the drop behind the third Audi from the left. I had disinfected the DVDs with vodka and, while wearing latex gloves,  put them in a plastic bag not touched by humans for several weeks. We dropped our bags, making sure we had at least 10 metres between us, exchanged some bitter pleasantries and turned back in opposite directions. 

Later today I handed over a key to my house (sterilised and put in a plastic bag) to a neighbour - in case I fall down the stairs and break my neck - so she can get in and take Koldbrann to relieve himself, not for a walk.

Then Koldbrann ate a lot of human poo on our afternoon walk. Yes walk, because there must be limits to my obedience. I wish humans wouldn't poo outside. Dog breath takes on a new meaning. 

Here is the illustration for the advert I made for my neighbour's alteration business: 

Angela_advert_copy corona-lockdown-day-6 | blog - Cecilie's


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