Mar Ripoll talks to Eddie Erlank mar-ripoll-excellent-mallorquin-artist | blog - Cecilie's
It's quite hard to fathom that Mallorca, (like Hong Kong of yore) was known as something of a cultural desert. For me, I think there's nothing but culture, culture, and art, art everywhere I look. And now I don't even have to leave my house to see art and beauty, for my very neighbour, Mar Ripoll, is a great artist! Whose work I can see from my balcony (if she puts it in her garden). 
Mar with painting 2 mar-ripoll-excellent-mallorquin-artist | blog - Cecilie's
Like all great artists, Mar Ripoll works all the time in a fervour of creativity, and isn't so interested in the world outside. Unfortunately this means that she forgets to show people her work! But last Saturday she finally opened her door to a few selected customers. Including me, who have been begging her to show me her stuff for eight months.
Mar-with-yellow-painting mar-ripoll-excellent-mallorquin-artist | blog - Cecilie's
And how worth the wait it was! Truly modern, truly original, ethereal and yet painted with great authority, you can lose yourself in these paintings and see more and more in them the closer you get. 
Detail of Mar Ripoll painting
Look at the texture, and the details! Not only that, Mar makes her own paper! I will show you more photos of her stuff as soon as I can get my hands on them, but oh, she's so secretive! I had to beg her (again) to even show these pictures on my website. 
People, I tell you, buy now before she gets famous and you won't be able to afford her stuff. You saw the name here. Mar Ripoll. Contact me for more details - I WILL get them, eventually! 
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