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I have to pinch myself sometimes when I stick my head out the door and realise I actually live in El Terreno in Palma de Mallorca! It's just a little over a year ago that I first discovered this quirky, charming neighbourhood. I was staying in the centre of Palma, on a five day sojourn to see if Mallorca was worth giving up 30 years in China and Hong Kong for. On one of my walks I found El Terreno with its narrow streets, Mediterranean but urban feel, and the enormous Bellver Forest cloaking it like a benevolent ... cloak. This was the place for me! And my dogs! 

Trinidad-Cafe-outside- El Terreno: Your Friendly Neighbourhood Everything Coffee Shop  - - Cecilie's

It's probably going to take me more than a month to check out all the hospitality establishments within even 8 minutes' walk, but I will! Living somewhere convenient and beautiful is huge for me, because when I lived in hong Kong I had to travel for 10 to 25 minutes by bus just to go shopping.

Let me kick off with the café closest to my house, ten meters away: Trinidad Cafeteria. First of all, it opens at 06:00! Almost every day! Including Sundays! The Mallorquins seem to take all meals and drinks outside the house, so the Trinidad is quite full of breakfasters at 06:00 - I know because I walk past with the first dog patrol of the day - nurses, building workers, post office workers and lots of neighbours. They sit outside the Trinidad enjoying the first life-giving smoke of the day while their grizzled and cataract-y mutts try to sniff up me and my ginger brute Koldbrann as we thunder past.

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Unfortunately the Trinidad is closed all winter, if it wasn't I would go every day. Because not only does Luis, as the owner is called, do very decent bocadillas  and tostadas AND answers all my questions about Spanish (in Spanish because he doesn't speak much English) - the café doubles as a supermercado (supermarket), which I would call a tiny grocery shop. From 06:00 onwards you can buy fresh fruit and vegetables, bread and crisps, canned goods, hams and cheeses, milk, coffee, wine and beer. And shampoo, cleaning agents, toothpaste... And newspapers! When you tire of reading you can watch TV and have a go on the old gambling machine. Or have a draft beer. 

Trinidad-Cafe-Luis-blurred-beer El Terreno: Your Friendly Neighbourhood Everything Coffee Shop  - - Cecilie's

Luis is so kind and patient and laughs at my jokes. He also corrects my pronunciation. YES!!!! Don't close this winter, Luis! I'll keep it economically viable. Because to get to the second closest establishment to my house... I'll have to cross the street! 

Cafetería Trinidad

124 Avinguda de Joan Miró

Phone 971 098 695

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