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Mallorca, El Terreno, Corona, Ellen hostal-corona,-el-terreno-s-best-kept-secret | blog - Cecilie's

Mallorca, El Terreno, Corona, Ellen hostal-corona,-el-terreno-s-best-kept-secret | blog - Cecilie's

My relentless quest to eat my way through every restaurant in El Terreno continues, but I'm warning you: After I, or rather some Norwegian friends of mine who came to Palma to celebrate a big birthday last month discovered Hostal Corona and its insanely delicious tapas, beautiful setting and great and fun staff, I don't really need to try out any other places. 

Where shall I start? The vaguely hippie/indian setting would ordinarily have made me think "Oh dear" but in this dark and mysterious courtyard the lanterns and little fountain somehow work. But even if the courtyard of Corona was a concrete slab under fluorescent lighting, the food would have made me go back and back. 

When I first tasted tapas last May on my reconnaissance trip to Mallorca, I have to say I wasn't very impressed with them, thinking they were greasy and over-microwaved. Oh well, I could just cook Sichuan food for myself every day I thought, and left China anyway. Then I discovered Corona. 

Mallorca, Hostal Corona, Tapas, calimar, patatas bravas  hostal-corona,-el-terreno-s-best-kept-secret | blog - Cecilie's

EVERYTHING is beautiful, beautifully laid out, quickly brought to the table by personable proprietor Cristobal Navarra, who is not only funny but kind. Yes, when the three of us ordered five dishes, he warned us that we wouldn't be able to finish them. He was right! 

Four dishes was more than enough to make us explode, and it was with difficulty we managed to finish the shots of a scrumptious cinnamon-tasting liqueur he handed out free at the end of the meal. Yummmmm

The patatas bravas, the melted camembert with blueberry jam, the dates wrapped in bacon ... and oh! The little fried green peppers! Corona is the best. THE BEST!

And oh, it's also a hotel, apparently. AND they have a pool table. 

Hostal Corona

Carrer Santa Rita 17

Phone +34 971 731 935 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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