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Hotel Feliz

Sea view or mountain view? How about BOTH! With your dog! 

On my quest to showcase all that my neighbourhood, El Terreno, has to offer, I don't know why I have waited so long to show you one of the best hotels in Palma: Feliz. The name means Happy and what a happy place it is. The first thing you notice is all the cool and quirky art in the reception, which the Swedish owner, Mats Jakobsson, prefers to call Welcoming Area. 

Feliz, Mats, balcony hotel-feliz,-doggie-happiness-in-el-terreno | blog - Cecilie's

"Yes, you can bring your dog to stay here," Jakobsson says while I admire a dog statue perching on the edge of the glass-walled pool in the al fresco bar. "Most of all, we want people to feel really at home here."

Feliz, dog statue hotel-feliz,-doggie-happiness-in-el-terreno | blog - Cecilie's

After 30 years in Hong Kong it took me ages to get over the shock of seeing dogs inside shops and even banks here in Mallorca. And I'm still reeling in shock to find a hotel that welcomes dogs - inside the rooms! At night! Quite frankly, they had me at the dog art...

Feliz, dog portrait


The hotel is centrally placed in the heart of El Terreno, with hundreds of restaurants within a short radius. It's also only a few minutes' walk away from the magnificent Bellver Castle, clearly visible from the hotel.

Feliz, Bellver hotel-feliz,-doggie-happiness-in-el-terreno | blog - Cecilie's

"But what if I'd rather have a sea view?" you complain. Not a problem! The rooms on the two upper floors have balconies overlooking the sea, as well as private balconies on the other side of the corridor, with a view to the beautiful Bellver Park (which is really a forest) as well as the charming neighbourhood of El Terreno. 

Feliz, roof pool, man hotel-feliz,-doggie-happiness-in-el-terreno | blog - Cecilie's

And if the sauna with a view and the spa and the short walks to a myriad activities, museums, hiking terrain and even a rocky beach (turns nudist in the afternoon - you have been warned) wasn't enough, bugger me if there isn't a pool on the rooftop as well. 

People of Hong Kong and Norway and the world, this is the time to come to Mallorca! You can stick your head out the door without being stampeded by (other) tourists, and although it is slightly cooler than in the summer, the skies are still burning blue and the trees covered in flowers. 

And the beautiful rooms of Hotel Feliz are only 70 euros this month, less than 1/3 of those of a similar standard in Palma city. 

Feliz, room hotel-feliz,-doggie-happiness-in-el-terreno | blog - Cecilie's

What are you waiting for! Come now. But quick, they close for the winter in December. 


Hotel Feliz

Address: Avinguda de Joan Miró, 74, 07015 Palma, Illes Balears
Phone: 971 28 88 47







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