bar-owner-guest-El-Terreno-Palma-de-Mallorca Patagonia - WiFi Saviour and Different Place  - - Cecilie's

Patagonia - un lugar diferente (a different place) - the sign above this busy café proudly proclaims.

When I arrived in Palma all those months ago in the coldest winter ever (the locals claimed), Patagonia was my big saviour. Open from 06.15 and serving really great coffee, it was the only place I could work. Yes the Airbnb-ish IKEA-riddled little flat I stayed in for the first month didn't have WiFi, preferring to tap into a nearby hotel (Feliz, to be reviewed here soon) for its online needs. Well that didn't work. The password only worked if I stood inside the actual hotel, so to be able to get online I had to go to Patagonia every morning. 

Patagonia-Joan-Miro-outside-view-El-Terreno-Palma-de-Mallorca Patagonia - WiFi Saviour and Different Place  - - Cecilie's

And so did all the early morning smokers in El Terreno, it seemed, and sitting "outside", they were the ones given all the space heaters. Inside, the cafe was not only sub-zero arctic, but the chairs made of reinforced plastic also turned out to enhance cold like a nice bathtub full of water enhances electrocution by hair dryer. So that was an interesting February. 

Patagonia-coffee-el-Terreno-eight-minutes-walk Patagonia - WiFi Saviour and Different Place  - - Cecilie's

But now I am of course whiling away the days in a house with wifi, Nespresso machine and all mod cons such wooden chairs, and don't 'need' Patagonia anymore. Still, I was looking forward to going back  in the name or research. What's 'diferente' about this 'lugar' is that while in February it had curries and all sorts of proper meals, now it seems to have only chips and bready things. There wasn't even the Palma café staple tostadas - toasted bread with olive oil and mashed tomatoes. But... that's impossible! 

Patagonia-menu-bread-El-Terreno-Palma- Patagonia - WiFi Saviour and Different Place  - - Cecilie's

I ordered Sandwich out of desperation but only when I bit into it realised I had ordered Serrano Ham and not York. Now, Serrano ham is very good, together with scrambled eggs, potato salad and maybe a summer-y salad also containing eggs. But with cheese? For some reason, not so much. And the bread, although toasted to perfection, was overly sweet. Like a cha chanteng in Hong Kong.

Patagonia-El-Terreno-Sandwich-tomato-bread-Palma-de-Mallorca Patagonia - WiFi Saviour and Different Place  - - Cecilie's

But what the hell. A coffee is only 1 euro or something and a sandwich maybe double that. The coffee was very good, and the ingredients in the sandwich, separately, great. And their WiFi is beyond compare. 

Café Patagonia
 Av de Joan Miró, 92,
07015 Palma de Mallorca, Balearic Isles
Saturday 6:15AM–3PM
Sunday Closed
Monday 6:15AM–10PM
Tuesday 6:15AM–10PM
Wednesday 6:15AM–10PM
Thursday 6:15AM–10PM
Friday 6:15AM–10PM


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