Mallorca Cecilie Filming Alcudia water

Shooting a WindsurferTesting, testing... Facebook is a great invention and a superb tool to reach people. But recently they have made it damned difficult to post blog entries - with the photos showing up automatically, that is. I'm now following my web dude's instructions of making the images at least 1200 pixels with one a little bigger than the others. So here goes! Thanks to Mariette Faber who visited last week, I now know what I look like from behind while shooting a windsurfer (on FILM, hello!) in very... hair unfriendly conditions.  

Donkey olive tree Deia

Cliché animal

Later we saw a donkey under an olive tree in charming Deiá, home of illustrious poet Robert Graves. So this is just a test, but also the launch of my new Facebook page Cecilie's Pen & Wok. What is Cecilie's Pen & Wok? It's everything you need in writing and images, in many languages. And with a bunch of Sichuan (Chinese) food thrown in. Watch this space! 

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