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Taste Free?

No, no. Eating Everything-Free is very modern, I'm sure, but how did the whole western world (at least the middle class bit) start suffering from the serious afflictions celiac illness and lactose intolerance all at the same time and in only, oh, four years?

Yes, I know, the depletion of the soil, animals eat crap food and become crap meat, vegetables aren't what they once were, like during the Black Plague for example, - I get it.


But "no cholesterol"? Haven't they studied the science? "Cholesterol is a fatty substance known as a lipid and is vital for the normal functioning of the body. It's mainly made by the liver" says the NHS website. 

Yes yes, some foods create a too-high amount of cholesterol in the body and that's not good. It's also not good to be obese. But do we really not know what constitutes a 'balanced diet' by now? And can't we just let people eat what the hell they want?

Me, I want food to look beautiful and of course taste wonderful. That's it!

I thought of this the other day when I made Sichuan food for 16 people. 

Sichuan-food-vegetarian-dumplings-spicy-dip-spring-onions Sichuan Food is Beautiful and Strangely Healthy - - Cecilie's

When I started looking into it, in Sichuan food there's really only the dumpling skins (wheat) and the soy sauce (wheat) that don't comply with the strict, I would say self-flagellating rules of all the things you "can't eat" above. Oh no! My food is MODERN! At least I have chicken, pork and beef to fall back on.


Sichuan-food-mapo-doufu-spice-chopsticks Sichuan Food is Beautiful and Strangely Healthy - - Cecilie's

Are you a strict vegan? The soy beans in tofu and hundreds of other "healthy" foods mostly come from South America, where growing them is decimating the rainforests. Animals, when raised properly, actually are part of a good cycle of eating grass, pooing to nurture the grass, then eating it again. Just saying. 

Sichuan-food-Meat-Green-chopsticks-beans-tomato Sichuan Food is Beautiful and Strangely Healthy - - Cecilie's

Well, this was actually supposed to be an advert for my Sichuan Lunches with something for Everybody! 

As usual it's in El Terreno, Palma de Mallorca around 2:30pm, minimum six people, book today

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