Mallorca-Palma-View-from-Bellver-Park-Bellver-Castle-Cathedral Spanish Course Not (2) - - Cecilie's

In our series Spanish words that don't sound like what they mean, shown together with photos from Mallorca that I really like we present:


I think this word sounds like "do everything you can to get absolutely no result" or "get a result but then dismiss it." Or could it mean "be an orange but then cast off your identity as an orange. Or banana" OR "make sure there is no fruit."

Mallorca-Palma-de-Mallorca-harbour-sunrise-orange-and-blue-skies Spanish Course Not (2) - - Cecilie's

All those sound more plausible than the real meaning: 


In Cantonese it's 享受 (Heungsau) - among other things. Of course a lot of people can speak Spanish and I'm not one of them, but quite frankly, being able to speak Spanish is not very ... special. Speaking Cantonese IS special. Very. So Learn Cantonese the Natural Way - from a Norwegian! This year! 



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