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The cart is empty

This happened yesterday:

I had ordered three books on Amazon: Maps of Meaning by my new hero Jordan B. Peterson, Chinese Characters, their origin, Etymology, Classification and Signification (I WILL get to the bottom of this!) and Ordinary Men: Reserve Police Battalion 101 and The Final Solution in Poland (how we would all be nazis if we lived in nazi-times), and yesterday they were delivered after only four days' waiting. 

Cool! Because another parcel I was waiting for was being held at ransom by the customs in Madrid for more than a month. I am wary of deliveries now. And unlike hong Kong where they call and call, here they just turn up at, say 2pm, expecting you to be home. So, anyway, I glanced at the label, it had my name and address on it, I signed. 

This is what I found in the parcel:

IMG_3200 unbearable-hardships-in-spain-part-ii | blog - Cecilie's

What the? Oh Amazon! How could you, etc. I got on the old customer service, they said they would refund my money but I could keep the books and here's a US$5 coupon. Awwww, excellent. Great service! Then I got on Facebook to find "hey did you get my birthday present? I bought it on Amazon!" Oh crap. By an amazing coincidence my friend Cathy in the US had bought me these books. And right enough, at the bottom of the parcel was a little wrinkled-up note: I know you will revel in all the delights of your new home, especially culinary. Can't wait to visit". 

What I learnt: Never think something I ordered four days earlier can be here already. Oh and always look at all the things in a box before I sign. 



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