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Plonkers Abroad - Learn Spanish without really trying

$9.00 each

Follow the witless Smiths as they move to Spain and have to grapple with a new language, dour hotel managers, the threat of their adult children coming to stay, Covid-19 and its many regulations, adopting a dog… and so, so many damn verbs! But the wine is good and plentiful.

Are you tired of courses where the protagonists speak the new language perfectly from Day 1 and never drink? Bored with how they are always so perfect, agree about everything and only say nice things? Then this course is for you!

Actually, it’s not even a course, but a story book for world weary adults full of illustrations in various degrees of wackiness, with a lot of exercises thrown in.

It takes you from absolutely zero to quite reasonable everyday chatting in Spanish in only 130 pages. Without really trying.

This being the 21st century, the book is of course totally interactive and you can just contact us on Facebook Messenger to have all your Spanish, or actually, Castellano, questions answered. Not bad for only HK$50!







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