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Lisbon-Guitar-Portugal Cantonese Podcast, Portugal and Cantonese  -

New podcast in CantoNews from Exile: Episode 4 HOLIDAY

  I love my neighbourhood El Terreno. I love Palma, I love it so much. 

Cecilie_Gamst_Berg_Bellver_Castle_Morning Cantonese Podcast, Portugal and Cantonese  -

However, sometimes, when I hear about other countries, so near I can hit them with the proverbial swung dead cat (or something) I feel such an urge to travel. Every day in a new place seems like a week, and a week on the road seems like a month. Therefore travelling prolongs life. I dearly want to prolong my life, so I should travel more.

Lisbon Cantonese Podcast, Portugal and Cantonese  -

Why don't I? Well, one effect moving from Asia to Europe had on me - apart from, shockingly, not being very interested in learning the local language - was being plunged into poverty. 

I mean, not poverty poverty; I have more than one pair of shoes and can afford to keep my dog in poo bags and fresh innards, but I have to think about what I spend; can't afford both new chandeliers and trips to interesting sounding places. And I can't afford a cleaner nor a dog walker. 

Koldbrann-in-Hong-Kong Cantonese Podcast, Portugal and Cantonese  -

Oh yes the dog, Koldbrann! He is another reason why I can't travel much. I am member of Trusted Housesitters (website for people who want to look after dogs in exchange for a place to stay) and can easily find people who want to spend a week in Mallorca gratis, but I feel worse and worse about leaving in the hands of strangers, however capable. 

So for the time being I have to live vicariously through other people's trips, like those of my co-host ah Hei on the podcast CantoNews from Exile. 

Cantonews_from_exile Cantonese Podcast, Portugal and Cantonese  -

In two short weeks she managed to go to Wales as well as Portugal AND Bulgaria! Grrrrr envious. And bugger me if the wretched bint isn't now in Hungary. 

No, I suppose I have to contend myself with journeying into my own travel filled past. One such past was last Easter when I went to Portugal. All well and good of course, but not exactly China. But then again, nothing is. Nothing. 

In this podcast we almost managed to tell people where they could contact us if they have any questions about Cantonese - but failed. So that remains a mystery. (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)

Today's Cantonese: 你有冇去過 ... Lei yau mou heui goh ... You have/haven't go (in the) past: Meaning, Have you ever been to...


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