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Stay Grounded (Beginners' Mandarin)


Would you like to travel around China but are worried about your Mandarin being not up to scratch (or non-existent)?

Now you can get all the Mandarin words and expressions needed for getting around the Middle Kingdom in this handy video which covers train and bus travel, hotel stay, eating and drinking and other situations you might find yourself in when you, like us, are going to for example Hong Kong to Kazakhstan, by train...

  • A manual for the Silk Road which can be used for all of China
  • Shows you what the trains, buses and famous and non-famous places look like
  • Give you expressions in Mandarin to be used for any situation
  • Shows you what to do in a “situation resembling that of being house arrested”
  • Takes you on a journey out your arm chair and into adventure – vicariously!
  • Shows you what Kazakhstan looks like Shows and gives you the names of the best foods, all in spoken Mando
  • Gives good advice about Chinese eating and drinking etiquette; and hotel rules…


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