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Tiger my-new-job,-not-the-year-of-the-rabbit-and-cantonese | blog - Cecilie's

If you are Norwegian, have a garden or terrace and need a hedge, I just want to mention that I am now working in the world of hedgerows. Apparently even bamboo can live and survive in Norway nowadays, and we have hundreds of things to choose from. For me, the most fun aspect of my job, apart from talking to customers on the phone, is making illustrations for our website and social media. 

With the advertising slogan "Hold naboen vekk, få deg en hekk" (keep the neighbour away, get a hedgerow today) we are ploughing through the Norwegian market like a combine harvester! Coool. 

Hekkplantercom my-new-job,-not-the-year-of-the-rabbit-and-cantonese | blog - Cecilie's

Another thing that likes the green is of course the Rabbit. However, that is the fourth animal in our series Animals in the Chinese zodiac, and a favourite snack of the animal coming up (February 1st) - the mighty Tiger. According to Chinese Highlights and others who dabble in feng shui and the like, the year of the Tiger won't be any good for Tigers, but then again you can choose not to believe it and live normally. 

Tiger my-new-job,-not-the-year-of-the-rabbit-and-cantonese | blog - Cecilie's

The Tiger, according to China Highlights, written by Fercility Jiang:

Years:2022201019981986197419621950, 1938

The Tiger is known as the king of all beasts in China. The zodiac sign Tiger is a symbol of strengthexorcising evils, and braveness. Many Chinese kids wear hats or shoes with a tiger image of for good luck.

People born in a year of the Tiger are brave, competitive, unpredictable, and confident. They are very charming and well-liked by others. But sometimes they are likely to be impetuous, irritable, and overindulgent.

With stubborn personalities and tough judgment, Tigers work actively and express themselves boldly, doing things in a high-handed manner. They are authoritative and never go back on what they have said.

With great confidence and indomitable fortitude, they can be competent leaders. They will not make preparations for anything, but can handle anything that comes along.

Will not make preparations, eh? That's no good when it comes to Sichuan cooking. I'm planning a big Chinese New Year feast even now, and not only in my head! The larders are groaning under the weight of noodles, condiments and rice. I'm ready! Ish! More details later. 

Dumplings my-new-job,-not-the-year-of-the-rabbit-and-cantonese | blog - Cecilie's

Sichuan is far from Guangdong province, the cradle of Cantonese, but her food is so, so much better than the bland and colourless Canto slop. But the Cantonese language is the best there is, and not only in China! 

Learn Cantonese the Natural Way - from a Norwegian! Learn Cantonese the Natural Way - from a Norwegian! 

Today's Cantonese: 虎年  Fu lin, Tiger year 


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