Beliver Castle

Of all the superb things of El Terreno in Palma de Mallorca, where I have been living for more than eight months now after 30 years in China, Bellver Castle is possibly the most superb. I mean, imagine living a few minutes' walk (16) away from a real castle, one of only two circular-shaped castles in Europe and the only one in Spain, and look at and touch the same stones that were laid in 1310! That's the kind of thing that impresses me. I want to see and touch history, not just read about it or, as in Hong Kong, be frankly a bit insulted when a street with nothing but shiny 120 floor high rises, suddenly has a plaque with a photo of what it used to look like, calling it "Heritage Trail".

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As castles go it's not particularly big, and you can see everything, including a view of all of Palma from the top, in about an hour.

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But on the ground floor the City of Palma has set up a truly excellent permanent exhibition of the history of the castle and of Palma, in well-made, easy to read posters and pictures. That's really worth spending another hour on! If you get tired, you can alway repair to the charming café outside, where you can enjoy cakes and what not.

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The castle was originally built to be the summer cabin thing for kings visiting from the mainland, but was never used for that. Instead, it immediately turned into a prison where many an illustrious geezer languished, mainly for saying and writing things. Sigh.

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Ah, Bellver! So beautiful. I look at it every day, and touch it as often as I can, which is also most days, on dog walks. 

It's 4 euros to get in; WELL worth it, I say! Of course, as a resident (hem hem) I get a big discount. 

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