Stuff to do in a lockdown: Learn a new language! 

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Use the time wisely and learn Spanish through a new concept: The meta meta mega course. Guaranteed 100% violence free! Now also online. 


A few months ago my friend H and I were sitting in Pan y Cocina talking about how we could find something more for her to do. She was already teaching English privately and wanted some more students. A mega-fluent speaker of Spanish (Castellano) and Mallorquin, do you know, she had never thought of teaching Spanish! After being the only Norwegian Cantonese teacher in my village in Hong Kong for almost 30 years, I found that rather incredible, but when something is so close, it can be difficult to see. 

So I said, let me write the course as someone who doesn't know a word of Spanish, and then you can teach it! And that's what we did. Here's our first lesson in Binissalem:

Learn-Spanish-Heathert-and-group corona-lockdown-day-12 | blog - Cecilie's

... and about two hours later we were all told to go home and stay home and never come out again. Damn! But thank God for technology, eh? You don't have to go to Binissalem to learn Spanish, in fact you don't have to live in Spain at all! You can study by yourself or in a group, or Skype or Zoom. Here you can see H and me in action, in our early days working for Spanish World Hong Kong:

so now, between us, we've got the main languages of the world covered: English, Spanish and Cantonese. Contact us here for more details!






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