Hell is other people 

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- yes that's what Sartre said in his play No Exit. But after 26 days of lockdown, I for one am starting to look at other people with something resembling fondness. Of course I can imagine that people who already live together and have done for some time wish they had a room - or a city - to themselves. But for me, when it starts getting dark and the lights come on all over the neighbourhood, I sometimes wish I had had the wherewithal some time in the late 90s to acquire something like a husband and two children. 

Corona-Chinese-relaxing corona-lockdown-day-26 | blog - Cecilie's PenAndWok.com

Because if I had that, we could have spent each night in lockdown playing Cho Dai Di. 

Cho Dai Di is without exception the best card game in the world. It's really like life itself: You need good planning but also luck and a little bit of evil. 

When I lived in Hong Kong/China we used to go on "language seminars" into the hinterlands of China, playing cards from morning till night while exploring everything that great country (so much more than a producer of viruses!) had to offer. The days would be: Hotel breakfast with cards, wandering around the town or countryside all day stopping for lunch with cards, then back to the hotel to shower, followed by dinner and cards. It was heaven. 

Corona-cooks-relaxing corona-lockdown-day-26 | blog - Cecilie's PenAndWok.com

My highest wish, "when all this is over" (blah) is that I find three like-minded people who love cards - as long as it's Cho dai di - and who want to play at least once a week. 

Oh, and learn Cantonese from me on Skype! You know you want to. 

(The photos are called "Chinese people relaxing". It's a rare sight. )

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