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Cancer is a word I don't like to say - much in the same way as the number 4 is unlucky in Chinese culture because they think it sounds like the word 'death'. Well, it does. Four: Sei. Death: Sei. ( 4:  四 sei. Death: 死 sei)

So when I tell people where I'm working every Tuesday from 2 to 6, I don't normally say "The Cancer Shop" but "The Charity Shop." The founder and other workers at the Charity Shop have no such scruples, or should we say linguistic superstitions. Their website is called Cala Nova Cancer Cala Nova Cancer and their Facebook page, Cala Nova Cancer Care. All the proceeds from the shop go to cancer care here on Mallorca - they rake in so much $$$ and help so many people that it will take me a week to mention it all. So I think that's a good enough cause to spend my time on. 

Yes, I started working there because, having recently become European, I can't afford to give a lot of money to charities anymore and therefore I give time. It's certainly more fun than just transferring funds by the electric internet-machine! And with much better music. Yesterday I grooved around the shop, dusting shelves to the accompaniment of Andrea Bocelli and then Elvis!

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Talking of poverty, I really wish i had known about this shop when I first moved here, instead of faffing around with going to Bauhaus and Carrefour, and then struggling with deliveries. The Cancer Shop has EVERYTHING: Clothes, electronic stuff like TVs and CD/DVD players; lamps, cups, plates, all you can imagine in electric appliances, even bedclothes, shoes... and untold books and CDs. That's just off the top of my head.  And candles shaped as apples! And paintings. And two chess boards made of glass! 

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AND if you have a horse, you can get a whole set of horse-grooming equipment for only 20 euros. Oh, and a pair of tanning lamps if you're in the mood for becoming orange. 

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If you'd like to spruce up your wardrobe (all items around 3 euros), need furniture and cups, or just want to support a very good cause - who doesn't know someone who's been struck down with cancer? - come to the Cala Nova Cancer Shop and take a look! It's newly dusted by me! 

Talking of Chinese words, Chinese New Year is coming up and I'm doing a big dinner on February 8th, with traditional CNY dishes whose degree of luck is based on the way they sound. Like Fish (魚)yu, sounds like Surplus (餘) yu. Sign up!

Other homonyms: Kumquat: 柑桔 Gam gat, sounds like 金吉 gam gat, Gold and Luck 

Book: 書 Syu, Lose: 輸 Syu. So it's unlucky to go into a bookshop and ask for a book. You have to ask for a "Win" 贏 (yeng) instead. Makes sense! 

We accept donations of all sorts and we accept customers who buy up everything! And a helping hand.

Calanova Cancer Care, Joan Miró 358, San Agustin

Tel: 971 708 664



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