Palacio San Marques outside upstairs suite evokes English club


I thought my new house had high ceilings, but that was before I visited Palacio Can MarquesPalacio Can Marques in Palma's narrow and mysterious Carrer de Apuntadores. Apuntadores! It was the first street I went to when I came here last May for reconnoissance. The name sounded so interesting, but do you think I looked it up? Oh no. I thought Punt, maybe means bridge? Something like guys who raise and lower bridges? But there are no... Never mind. I just looked it up . An apuntador  is a prompter in a theatre. So... pretty close! 


Majestic soaring ceilings and elegant staircases in the lobby


Anyway, last month my friend Mariette was here, and already other people are more adventurous than me, for it was she who dragged me into the beautiful lobby to check out the hotel, which had just opened. A kind receptionist showed us around, but I wanted more and sent them an email asking if I could take a closer look. The lively and knowledgeable hotel director Mariya took me around the Palacio, which used to be owned by the family Marques. And get this: The ceilings are 11 metres high! 


Can-Marques-Mariya palacio-can-marques,-patrician-luxury-all-the-way | blog - Cecilie's


AND! The rooms have books! Real books. That's all I need to know... 



Can-Marques-Suite-1 palacio-can-marques,-patrician-luxury-all-the-way | blog - Cecilie's


 Each room is a suite and they all look different, with lots of lovely art and objects sourced all over the world by one of the owners herself, who also happens to be a designer! By the way, the room above overlooks one of my favourite plazas in Palma, the Plaza de la Drassana. There you can find Bar Arenas where they have the second best tapas in Palma, after Hostal Corona of course, because they (the tapas in Arenas) are made by Chinese! There is something about that Chinese touch that makes all food better. 


Can Marques five star hotel luxury hotel


And just to seal the deal - the bathrooms! Ohhhhh. Me, I'm a firm shower taker. Firm. I don't lie around in baths. What for? Just lie there, to get clean? But I would make an exception if I could stay in this suite in Palacio Can Marques. I really would. 

Next time: The restaurants. 


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