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Here they are, Masum and Anjuman who own and very expertly run M & R Supermercado in Avenue Joan Miró 

I kick off the year's writing with a homage to the best little supermercado in Palma: M & R. When I lived in Hong Kong and wanted to buy anything other than beer, potato crisps and batteries, I had to get on a bus and travel for ages. Sometimes I had to get on a bus AND a ferry if I had to get something serious like dumpling skins. 

Mallorca-Palma-Supermercado-front the-best-little-supermercado-in-palma, | blog - Cecilie's

Now - all I have to do is cross the street to get almost anything I want, including fresh fruit and vegetables! Yes, M & R has everything I need for a reasonable, healthy and convenient life. And it closes at 23:00!!! 

The owners, Anjuman and Masum, are from Bangladesh and we communicate in my crap and their excellent Spanish. They are so kind, helpful and friendly, and they were open on Christmas Day AND New Year's Day. What a relief, because everything else was closed on these days. I was still a little Hong Kong in my head this Christmas, whereas I should have been Norway. Closed. Everything closed. 

Palma,-supermercado-owner-and-customer the-best-little-supermercado-in-palma, | blog - Cecilie's

The supermercado was closed for 1 1/2 months this summer, and I suffered greatly. I had to walk several meters further to shop, and make sure I got in there before 8 o'clock at night. How easily we get used to the easy living eh? 


M & R Supermercado

Joan Miró 114

Tel: 637 623 817


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